WeirDo : Hopping Weird | Download Ebook Free Full Pdf, Mobi, Epub

WeirDo: Hopping Weird | Download Ebook Free Full Pdf, Mobi, Epub


‘Funny shocking, beautifully written … a fascinating account of one woman’s hand-to-hand combat with her own mind.’ Annabelle Crabb

At 24, life was good for Georgie Dent. After graduating with top marks she landed her dream job at a prestigious Sydney law firm and moved in with a boyfriend she adored. She had the world at her feet and no right to break. But she did. Badly. Within a year Georgie was unemployed, back living with her parents and suffering such crippling anxiety that she ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Breaking Badly is the story of a nervous breakdown in slow motion, a life that fell apart and what it took to put it back together again. Brutally honest and warmly engaging, it’s a must-read for anyone who sometimes feels close to the edge.

ISBN: 9781742997926
ISBN-10: 1742997929
Audience: Children 
Language: English
The price: Free
Size: 9 MB
Number Of Pages: 160
Published: 1st April 2019
Publisher: Scholastic Australia



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